The Vine at the Gateway – Parcel 5

El Monte, California
Grapevine Development

Flanked by interstate highways, mountains and the valley, the project conceptually indicates a GATEWAY TO LOS ANGELES, and the CROSSROADS of different transportation systems, history, ethnicities and culture. Part of a 60-acre, El Monte Transit Community in the San Gabriel Valley, THE VINE at the Gateway, is a mixed-use development, vertically integrated urban entertainment venue offering a cinema, fitness center, retail and office spaces, dining and entertainment. Designed by Architects Orange, the project is anchored by a 174-key hotel, which will occupy 5 levels of the 12-story tower along interstate 10. The top four levels will house 55 luxury condominiums and a rooftop pool and bar overlooking the San Gabriel Mountain vista. Ample parking and adjacent access to multi-modal public transportation and open space rounds out this desired lifestyle community.

Project Vision Statement

THE VINE at the Gateway is located in the 60-acre El Monte Transit Community as a part of the San Gabriel Valley. A region currently flourishing with diverse cultures.

THE VINE is at the frontline of urban development in the Los Angeles area, where the “City” (DTLA) continually expands east towards the San Gabriel Valley (SGV) suburbs. This expansion created an intriguing cross-pollination of transpacific Chicano culture that merged present and past into multi-ethnic foods and local art, making it the unique region that it is today.

El Monte has a layered past, rooted with a mix of indigenous heritage and religious mission groups. The city has evolved as part of the Chicano movement, and a result of the expansion of suburbia and the transpacific migration. This rich and complex history significantly contributes to the shaping of the architecture and the “place” of THE VINE at the Gateway.

El Monte has perpetually served as a juncture of transportation and culture, in other words: ‘a cultural crossroads’. Ranging from its agrarian and locomotive past to its current auto and transit, industry, gearing towards becoming a pedestrian village in the future. It will continue to provide the “Asian – Mexican” community with new and exciting Food and Entertainment offerings within steps of numerous transit and residential options.

THE VINE at the Gateway is a vertical mixed –use development comprised of a Hotel and Condominiums with offerings curated towards Dining and Entertainment. It takes advantage of the strong Interstate 10 exposure with long northern vistas of the San Gabriel Mountains.

THE VINE at the Gateway is influenced by El Monte’s past and present while generating a new vision of the future with the integration of transit, community and sense of place.

The Vine at the Gateway – Parcel 5

El Monte, California
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