High Profile Coffee Retail – Anaheim

Anaheim, CA
Coffee Company
3,280-SF Coffee Retail

This coffeehouse is the first of four public locations to be operated across Disney properties in the United States. The unique indoor/outdoor, eco-friendly store is built around a large existing ficus tree and boasts LEED Silver certification. One of the main design foci was integration between the interior and exterior of the restaurant to create design continuity. The project also features a unique element of continuity that spans from Anaheim to Orlando: a live media connection in which customers from either location can peer into the other store through a live-stream video and interact with guests in that store. The final touch on this coffeehouse’s outdoor seating area is a wall designed with 1,000 California-native plants in an array forming the shape of a coffee cup.


2014 Gold Nugget Merit Award - Best Rehab Commercial/Industrial Project
Performance Lighting LFI Innovation Award
LEED Silver

High Profile Coffee Retail – Anaheim

Anaheim, CA
Project Details
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