Heritage Village

Santa Ana, CA
Alliance Residential / Dyer 18 LLC
1,221 DU | 8.867 AC | 64.7 DU/AC | 18,000 SF Commercial | 56,000 SF Office

An obsolete and nearly derelict industrial site safeguarded the core values of the farmers, industrialists and programmers who shaped the land before it: nature, community and urbanity. From their legacy, we harvested the elements for a gateway community such as Southern California has never experienced and yet has always craved.

Structures naturally arise out of this verdant conduit like fruit. Retail spaces and community gathering spaces draw life from the pedestrian vine. Numerous sky decks rise out of this interconnected network of urban streetscapes, courtyards and common areas, and offer views of the surrounding region. The prime elements of wood, metal and stone ripen into thrilling, monumental sculptures of rustic modern. They form and reform as if emerging by varietal. The result is a true multi-generational, live-work-play mecca where families prosper, relationships form and businesses burgeon. The bounty of the community overflows into street frontages adorned with linear parks, and connectivity to regional bicycle trails, park systems, and future urban mixed-use neighborhoods. It represents the heritage of the region coalesced for a new era.


2017 NAHB Gold Award - Best On The Boards Community
2017 Gold Nugget Merit Award - Best On The Boards Multifamily Community
LEED Silver Certification

Heritage Village

Santa Ana, CA
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