Garden Brook Senior Village

Garden Grove, CA
AMG & Associates, LLC
395 DU | 5.09AC | 77.4 DU/AC

The opportunity to rejuvenate a community, by adaptively reusing a half-built structure dubbed the “Rusty Skeleton” by locals, is a rare one. The project, originally slated as a mixed-use retail and luxury condominium development, had been abandoned for over a decade, a magnet for decay and crime in the city. This new adaptive reuse project introduces 395 below-market senior apartments, along with 13,000 SF of restaurant and retail space and over 25,000 SF of community and recreational area.

The mission to transform an unsightly steel frame, visible from the Garden Grove Freeway, into a fresh new gateway for the city calls for innovative planning and design. A retail base with metal awnings is arranged to invite pedestrian traffic to and from the city’s largest mixed-use development across the street, thus expanding the retail core. Engaging geometric configurations and contemporary materials are employed, creating a set of shifting planes within striking frames. Intelligent proportions, varied parapet heights and horizontal bands of balconies enhance visual interest while mitigating the building’s height. Metal grills, organic screens, colored Plexiglas and bold accent colors formulate a modern residential ambience. The residential units boast full kitchens and bathrooms, large living areas, and ample storage, while four outdoor courtyards encourage mingling and active pastimes.

The project includes an intergenerational partnership with the adjacent Boys and Girls Club, in which programs will foster mutually beneficial youth and senior interactions. This is befitting of a place that was reborn in order to reinvigorate a community.


2018 Gold Nugget Merit Award - Best Senior Community On The Boards
2018 Sage Swards - Best 55+ Affordable Rental Community on the Boards

Garden Brook Senior Village

Garden Grove, CA
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