Jack Selman Honored by the Boy Scouts of America

On Thursday, September 20th, 2018, Jack P. Selman, Founding Partner of Architects Orange, was honored by the Boy Scouts of America at the 14th Annual Investment Real Estate Luncheon.

Partners, colleagues, business associates, family and friends were in attendance.

Jack Selman’s talent in and passion for design began at an early age. His course was set during high school mechanical and architectural drawing classes. It was cemented when a neighborhood friend – recognizing Jack’s interest in architecture – took him to a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit in Los Angeles (that friend went on to found LPA Architects).

Today …

Fifty (50) years later, and since founding Architects Orange (AO), Jack’s excitement for design remains intact and has evolved to include a passion for the business of architecture, from building client relationships to merging business goals with design excellence. In his role, Jack leads the firm’s eight (8) studio teams and offers client and team counsel on everything from design direction to continuity in the process. He has enjoyed immense pride overseeing the evolution of AO’s world-class design teams and projects.

Driving Work Philosophy …

“I love what I do. And while my role in this industry has changed through the years, my goals haven’t changed a bit. At the end of every day, we strive to succeed in producing great design and happy clients.”

Learn more about the Boy Scouts of America and how to get involved.

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