AO Loves Bagels. Period.

Here at AO, it’s company tradition to indulge in what we like to call “Tuesday Treats” every second Tuesday of the month. The arrival of said treats takes the form of a mass email that the entire company looks forward to followed by a crowd of excited employees buzzing around each studio’s kitchen counter. Cue the 15 minutes of friendly, upgraded water-cooler talk.


What we’ve noticed about this monthly shindig is that over the last few years, while we’ve gone through cupcakes, cookies, ice cream bars, pastries, cream puffs, mini bundts, panna cotta… and even tamales… the overwhelming vote has always gone to bagels. Just bagels. We can’t explain it; we just really, really love bagels. So this month, we brought the bagels back!


Where there are bagels, there are happy architects. It must be an AO thing!