2018 CANStruction OC | Hunger Can’t Be Solved Solo | Millennium Fal-CAN

Winner of the CANStruction OC 2018 People’s Choice Awards
Winner of the CANStruction OC 2018 Honorable Mention
Costa Mesa, CA, September 4, 2018 –
Hunger Can’t Be Solved Solo… The Architects Orange (AO) troop mobilized for the premier voyage of the Millennium Fal-CAN as we summoned The Force to keep our cans hurdling through outer space, doing our part to send hunger into another galaxy far, far away. For the third time, Architects Orange participated in the Orange County Design-Build Competition, organized to “combine the fun of a design-build competition with an ingenious way to help feed hungry people”. The well-received, iconic sculpture was an engineering challenge for the team determined to showcase the piece in all its craft glory by designing a cantilevered, angled, presentation set for flight, complete with galaxy stars. The design went through months of 3D modeling, structural engineering, food product label design and profile research, pre-builds, revisions and testing to achieve the final sculpture, which took 7 hours to install after hours on August 31, for the Labor Day weekend premiere. Read On: Millennium Fal-CAN