AO Restaurant Studio .:. One-Year Anniversary of Anaheim White House Rebirth

This project is close to home for us because of its unique upbringing: the reconstruction of a national historic landmark from the ashes. May 4, 2019, marked the one-year anniversary of this historic rebirth, and we are proud and thankful to have been a part of it.

The Anaheim White House was crafted in 1909 by a man named Dosithe Gervais. This mansion served as home to a certain Truax family for 50 years. In 1981 the mansion was purchased and plans drawn up for a conversion into a restaurant. More than thirty years of flourishing restaurant business passed before the building was destroyed in a fire, causing over $2 million in damage. With the help of Architects Orange (AO), this building was able to re-open for business by April 2018 and has been flourishing since.


Photos shared by permission of Anaheim White House.