AO Multifamily Studio .:. Looking Back at University House in Fullerton

Today we’re looking back at a local oldie but goodie: the University House in Fullerton! When this project debuted in 2013, it took on the meaning of “welcome to College Town” as a 60-acre development of the university district in Fullerton. The first mixed-use student housing project built in an ambitious partnership between the city, developers, and area universities, the project created a dynamic destination while pioneering a future interconnected urban village. Its internal urban plaza between the commercial spaces and shared parking structure as well as the ground floor retail destinations serve to enliven the substantial pedestrian traffic in the area. In short, University House has become a hot spot for university students and locals alike!


Developed by The Scion Group LLC, To this day the University House stands loud and proud at the corner of Commonwealth and Chapman, and we couldn’t be happier. Great job once again to the whole team. Check out our website for more info on this past project.