AO Multifamily Studio .:. Fairfield’s Embark Apartments in Warm Springs Under Construction

JUNE 2019
Our Multifamily Studio is happy to report that construction is underway for Fairfield Residential’s latest multifamily project, an eight-acre wrap development known as Embark Apartments at the northeast corner of South Grimmer Boulevard and Old Warm Springs Boulevard in Fremont.

422 DU | 9,800sf Retail

The development is comprised of 422 market-rate and 102 affordable apartments, along with 8,000sf of retail space: the market-rate apartments will be dispersed throughout several multi-story wrap buildings with a seven-story parking garage and commercial space on the ground floor facing Old Warm Springs Boulevard. The affordable apartments will be in a separate set of four-story buildings with partially underground parking garages.

The ground floor commercial space is called Inspiration Plaza and will serve as the primary activity area for the residents.

This project is looking to be a beautiful completion, slated for 2020.

Architects Orange is the Executive Architect for Embark Apartments and Studio T-Square is the Design Architect.