AO International Studio .:. Chongqing Riverside Commercial Town Kicks Off!

AO International Studio was in Chongqing, China, to kick off the design of our latest international project. In the heart of the city’s Bishan District, this entire development project is on an 842-acre (5,000 mu) site and 44 million square feet (4 million sm) of building area.

Chongqing Riverside Themed Town master plan contains five Six Flags amusements: water parks, land park, adventure park, and nature parks surround a large man-made lake and many other hotels and residential developments.

A key component of the master plan is the 1.5 million square feet of mixed use live work, retail, and upscale outlet center areas being designed by the AO International Studio. Partner Darrel Hebenstreit and Principal Kebin Yu attended the two-day kickoff and design brainstorm meetings with the multi-party planning and design team.

This is the fifth project that our International Studio has designed working with WFJ Outlets Business Management Group. Prior projects are in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Kunming, Yunnan Province, Beijing and Xian, Shaanxi Province.

The entire multi-party planning and design team poses for a photo in front of Six Flags.
AO Partner Darrel Hebenstreit (center) and Principal Kebin Wu (right) and other team members study plans outside the site.
The entire multi-party planning and design team stands outside a man-made lake near the project site.