Hilton Garden Inn Modular Hotel, San Jose, CA | Construction Update


JUNE 2019
This modular hotel has just permitted in the city of San Jose, California! Grading is underway on site, the pad is prepared and signed off, and foundation will start very soon. The whole team looks forward to construction start!

Photos were taken at the Guerdon Modular Factory in Boise, Idaho, during the final walk of these modular units (levels 2 thru 5) before they are delivered to the site in San Jose come August.


For our entire project team, it’s exciting to finalize last items in preparation for site work to commence. With the modular guestrooms complete and ready, we anticipate the first floor to move forward efficiently and momentum to pick up pace with the modular guestrooms stacking at a remarkable rate. The ability to have worked in parallel tracks offered early finished and furnished rooms, nearly ready to occupy once in place. We are excited to chart a rapid course to the finished hotel.

— Ninad Chaukkar, Associate Architect, June 2019