Altana is the MHN Gold Award Winner in the Development Mid-Rise Category!

Altana Apartments in Glendale, CA is the MHN Gold Award Winner award in the Development & Design Mid-Rise Category!

The City of Glendale, home of Walt Disney Imagineering, needed a fresh new gateway that was both inventive and approachable. On a site which once held a characterless one-story building and parking, a pair of contemporary luxury mid-rises now forms a much needed, pedestrian-scaled entry into downtown Glendale from the 134 freeway.

Both 5-story buildings were crafted out of the adjacent built urban environment and complex underlying zoning, with the goal of maximizing connectivity throughout the neighborhood. The western building features an iconic corner element and step-down massing. Its main eastern façade joyfully receives the termination of Doran Street with large-scale vertical towers, lively yellow accents and a broad, framed volume containing loft apartments with window walls. The north side of building responds to the scale of its neighbor, the city’s tallest high-rise, by matching the scale of its architectural elements.

The eastern building applies a more graphic approach to place-making, imparting its city block with stark geometries, a bold color palette and contemporary rhythm. Nevertheless, the building prioritizes its role within the urban fabric, offering visual connections into its central courtyard from the public right-of-way and providing a pedestrian paseo along the south side of the building, fronted by inviting stoops and patios.

Both buildings offer numerous and varied gathering spaces, fostering a sense of lavish communal living with a screening room, business center, double-height fitness facility and rooftop lounges. Punctuated by breathtaking sky decks, vertical metal elements, and loft-style units, the buildings work in tandem to introduce downtown Glendale in an innovative and relevant way.

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